Nestlé® Growing Up Milk Subscription Plan


Cancel Online Anytime

Rest assured that you can cancel for any reason, anytime.

Terms & Conditions

  1. First 100 Subscriber Gift Box will be distributed during the THIRD MONTHS of subscription.
  2. Any CANCELLATION of the subscription within 3 months starting from the 1st payment of subscription will be considered forfeit for First 100 Subscriber Gift Box.
  3. The cashback voucher will be distributed automatically into user voucher page every 3 MONTHS, starting from the 1st payment of subscription

  4. You will RECEIVE an email for every cashback received.

  5. The cashback voucher is only valid for ONE month from the date received.

  6. The cashback voucher is applicable for ONLY Nestle Brand products in Motherhood platform.

  7. The cashback voucher can only be used by the subscriber‘s account & is NOT VALID for the other account.