'Lovi Newborn Starter Set'


  • BPA, BPS and phthalate free.
  • Bottle and teat clinically proved to follow the natural rhythm of a baby. 
  • Advanced Super-vent to reduce colic.
  • Rubber coated nipple brush cleans teat gently.

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Brand Lovi

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The LOVI Active Suckling Bottle makes combining of bottle feeding with breastfeeding easy as it follows Active Suckling reflex (ASR), the natural sucking rhythm of the baby. It makes the baby swallow and breathes in a natural rhythm just like breastfeeding. (42-84 suckles/min and one swallow after 3-5 sucks). Correct rhythm allows baby to breathe through nose reducing colic and makes it easy to combine bottle with breastfeeding.


  • Natural feel : Teat made of non-uniform layers of silicone just like a natural breast.
  • Natural Latch: Wide, sturdy base of the nipple for the latch.
  • Natural Function: Elongates and contracts like mom’s nipple.
  • Natural Flow: Inner channels regulate the pressure & flow of milk.
  • Super-Vent valve: Advanced anti-colic system


  • Easy to combine breast and bottle feeding

LOVI bottles follow natural rhythm so a baby has lower chances of nipple confusion. The structure and the function of the teat have been proven to be just like a mom’s nipple, in Polish hospitals.

  • A more comfortable and contented feed for baby

Correct rhythm helps the baby to be more comfortable with breastfeeding and bottle feeding.

  • Air goes into the bottle, not baby's tummy

Advanced anti colic system with innovative super-vent valve

  • Easy to hold and grip bottle 

Ergonomic shape and contours provide correct grip to follow the baby’s rhythm at the correct angle.

  • Baby feeding cup

Feeding cup/hood is made for alternate feeding. It has well-rounded edges, a measuring scale and a profiled extended rim for positioning of lips during feeding.

  • Dynamic Soothers 

Dynamic soothers follow correct coordination of breathing and swallowing of saliva.

  • Elastic Lid 

The bottles come with the lid to convert the bottles into safe, secure and leak proof containers for use when traveling.

Other benefits: LOVI Newborn Starter Set:

  • All components of Newborn Starter Set are BPA free
  • Compatible with ALL Lovi accessories: feeding bottles, breast pumps, trainer cup and others.
  • Simple to use and clean, quick and easy assembly.

Content: LOVI Starter Set is a complete set of accessories needed for looking after a newborn or a 0-3 months old baby. The starter set has 2-250ml bottles, 2-150ml bottles, 2-pacifiers, 2 teats and a brush.

Technical Specifications:

  • Material: Bottles Polypropylene
  • Teat Silicone
  • Brush: Polypropylene Nylon
  • Soother PP, Tritan, Silicone
  • Origin: Thailand and Poland

Package Content

2x 250ml AS bottle, 2x 150ml AS bottle, 2x1 soothers, 2x1 silicone teats, 1x bottle& teat brush

Product Measures (Length x Width x Height) cms

10 x 5 x 17



complete set

bought this for my newborn.. pretty cheap and complete set! received in good condition

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'Lovi Newborn Starter Set'

'Lovi Newborn Starter Set'

  • BPA, BPS and phthalate free.
  • Bottle and teat clinically proved to follow the natural rhythm of a baby. 
  • Advanced Super-vent to reduce colic.
  • Rubber coated nipple brush cleans teat gently.

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