K-Mom Organic Baby Wipes 30s

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  • Organic peppermint extract has anti-bacteria effect & keep delicate skin of baby supple
  • Organic peppermint extract is suitable for babies with sensitive skin

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Brand K.MOM

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Product Details

  • Organic peppermint extract has anti-bacteria effect & keep delicate skin of baby supple
  • Organic peppermint extract is suitable for babies with sensitive skin
  • Eco-Cert by EU certifies organic peppermint ingredient safe for use
  • Free from 9 harmful chemicals possibly used in other wipes ( flourescent brightener, coloring, alcohol, formaldehyde, paraben, MIT & CMI, phenoxyethanol, benzalkonium chloride, sufactant )
  • 4 natural ingredients used ( organic peppermint, glycerine, beeswax, aloe vera )
  • Use of ingredients in manufacturing certified by KTR Korea as safe & contains no harmful chemicals that may aggravate skin.
  • KTR is a testing & certification institute in South Korea. International recognized testing body ( ISO/IEC 17025 )
  • Safe & hygienic manufacturing process as certified by ISC (International Standards Certification Pty, Ltd)
  • ISC, full scope JAS-ANZ independant 3rd party accredited certification body in recognition of compliance to various national & international standards
  • 6 levels of water purification process to ensure safety of product (Auto A/C filter system, auto water softner, micro filter system, reverse osmosis system, ultraviolet sterilizer, final micro filter system)
  • Quality fibre material by Lenzing for soft cotton like effect
  • Size of wipe: 150 x 200mm
  • Material: Fibre
  • Expiry date: 1 year from manufacturing date (date on side of pack)
  • Ingredients: Ultrapurified water, organic mint, aloe vera, glycerine, beeswax, food-grade antibacterial agent, cosmetic-grade antibacterial agent, citric acid
  • Special Feature: Peak-a-boo window at side for quick & easy look at condition/quantity
  • Made in Korea
Packing : 30pcs / Pack



Selamat untuk kulit bayi

Tisu basah organik ini bebas dari 9 bahan kimia yang digunakan pada tisu basah jenama lain. Ia diperbuat daripada ekstrak pepermint yang mempunyai kesan antibakteria. Jadi ia sesuai digunakan untuk mulut bayi. Tisunya sangat lembut, tidak mempunyai bau dan sesuai untuk kulit bayi yang sensitif. Tapi harganya agak mahal.


K-MOM nature free baby wet wipes

It is nice to use on my baby’s diaper change time.I love the product because it’s free from 12 harmful compound ,plant exctract and premium grade product.It is safe to use on my baby’skin, no sensitive skin issues and througlly clean after wipe.It is expensive with the quality assurance i like the premium portable baby wet wipes which is easy to carry .I can feel my hand is clean and moisture after wipe my baby skin.The water level is just nice and soft texture which gentle to baby skin.


Organic wipes

K-MOM Organic Baby Wipes daripada ingredients organic dan bahan berkualiti tinggi serta pack yang bersih… Saya gunakan K-MOM Organic Baby Wipes untuk lap punggung bayi semasa nak tukar lampin bayi…saya juga gunakan untuk bersihkan badan bayi, muka atau mulut selepas makan….K-MOM Organic Baby Wipes sangat lembut pada skin bayi dan tidak membuatkan skin bayi menjadi kesat atau kasar..


Expensive wipes

I tried once KMOM baby wipes free sample before. However, I do not like it as i feel that it is not that moisturise. I prefer those moisturise baby wipes as it is much more easier to clean their dirty hands, baby chairs or table etc. It is also expensive thus I do not buy it after I had finished the samples.


Premium baby wipes

KMOM baby wipes is expensive. It is suitable for those who have sensitive skin. It is fragrance and paraben free. It is safe to use to wipe baby’s mouth and hands. I bought few packs previously But stopped buying after that due to price concern.


Good product

These are my favorite wipes. They hold up well to poopy cleanups and are safer for my baby's skin.


Can use for sensitive skin baby

It solf and recommend to sensitive skin issues baby. Easy carry and good product.



长期都在使用的一个湿纸巾 而且没有香精味 对小孩也不会影响 而且大包装拿来帮宝宝擦屁股 也不会担心刺激到皮肤 K Mom粉丝 除了它 真心的觉得其它的都不能比


Tidak menyebabkan ruam pada kulit

Saya suka menggunakan tisu ni keranasenang dibawa. Juga sesuai untuk kegunaan harian dan bayi. Kulit bayi juga tidak mengalami ruam dan merupakan jenama terbaik.


K-Mom Organic Baby Wipes

The last thing we as mothers would want to use on our kids are unsafe and unreliable products.
K-Mom organic baby wipes are made from Organic peppermint extract. Certified by EU. Safe for delicate and sensitive baby skin. And chemical free.


recommend to all parents

recommend to all parents


Organic wipes

K-Mom wipes is a very famous wipes in natural ingredients, but their price is quite expensive too. I bought it just for baby hand & mouth used. I used to bought small pack, more convenience to bring out. The wipes size is medium and the water level is acceptable, have to make sure the sticker stick back properly , if not soon whole packet will dry.


The best ever wet tissue i used

This kind of wet tissue was gentle to bAby skin…it was contain 4 types organic plant extracts that u no need worry it will making baby skin becum rash…it easy to wipe out the dirty…u no need use much like others wet tissues..


Wipes Organic untuk bayi

Cara paling mudah untuk mencuci kotoran pada badan bayi. Gunakan wipes yang mengandungi bahan organic kaya dengan zat alam semula jadi. Tidak menjejaskan kesihatan ibu dan bayi. Bau dan rasa mint yang segar memberi keseronnokkan pada pada bayi dan parent..Pastinya bayi akan ketawa ….kih..kih..kih..


It is fragrance free

I love this K-MOM Organic Baby Wipes as it is alcohol free and fragrance free. I can use it to wipe my baby’s mouth and face as well. I always bring it along if I bring my baby out for travelling/ shopping or dining. The wet tissue is not too wet.


K-Mom produk terbaik

Tisu basah k-mom ini sangat terbaik.begitu juga produk-produk k-mom yang lain. Bagi saya tisu basah ini sangat lembut dan tidak terlalu basah dan tidak terlalu kering. Sesuai dijadikan sebagai penghapus mekap pada muka


expensive wipes

K-mom wipes is very expensive but it is fragrance free and it is safe for baby skin and even mouth area.



Kecil, padat dan mudah untuk dibawa kemana-mana sahaja. Tisu yang lembut dan tidak mengadungi bahan-bahan yang merbahaya untuk si kecil



Kecil, padat dan mudah untuk dibawa kemana-mana sahaja. Tisu yang lembut dan tidak mengadungi bahan-bahan yang merbahaya untuk si kecil



这个kmom 的wipes 很好用,给宝宝抹嘴巴手脚很好也安心只是价钱比起其他牌子贵了些不过为了宝宝安全贵也值得的。


Quiet expensive and thin

The wet tissue is quiet thin and small. I been try on simba and applecrumbly wet tissue, kmom is the most thick wet tissue among these brand. But overall it is still good to use.


k-mom wipes




fragrance free and safe for baby but very expensive!
the quality is thin and the size is smaller than Pureen.


K mom








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K-Mom Organic Baby Wipes 30s

K-Mom Organic Baby Wipes 30s

  • Organic peppermint extract has anti-bacteria effect & keep delicate skin of baby supple
  • Organic peppermint extract is suitable for babies with sensitive skin

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