Basilic Soother Holder


  • It can be firmly attached to children's clothing 
  • which keeps soother clean and avoids being lost.

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Brand Basilic

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Preparing for a new born in the house can be a nuisance especially with all the products out there for you to choose from. Which would be suitable for your baby? What are the essentials that your baby will need? Can the brand be trusted? Will the products last for a long period of time? Hang in there, we have the solutions for all the basic things that you need when you have a new born. So don’t stress out and look over the Basilic Baby’s Products; you will definitely find the one that would suit your baby’s needs.

Holding the Soother in Place

Choosing the essentials from Basilic means you have the reassurance of quality products, designed with you and your baby's needs in mind. The Basilic Soother Holder is specially made to hole your baby’s soother. With this holder, you will never lose or misplace the soother again as it can be firmly attached to your baby’s clothing.

Safe Usage
This soother holder is made of polycarbonate plastic and it is completely safe to be used by your baby. The ribbon is made of polyester and the buttons are made of copper giving this holder a stylish look. Basilic Soother Holder will look great on your baby and we have it all made just the way you need them to be!

Basilic Soother Holder


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Basilic Soother Holder

Basilic Soother Holder

  • It can be firmly attached to children's clothing 
  • which keeps soother clean and avoids being lost.

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