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Whoopee Malaysia provides double satisfaction to their consumers by comforting the baby and as well as saving up parents’ pocket! 

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Whoopee Malaysia | Cheer Up The Little One!

Whoopee is one of the parts of OJI Holdings Corporations; a well-known establishment of pulp and papers industries in Japan. OJI has been in this field for over 14 decades. 

While giving full commitment to producing a high-quality product with reasonable prices for the consumers, Whoopee believes that they are able to meet the demands of their customers all over the world through their bundle of joy. 

For them, value and quality are the ultimate factors in manufacturing the products. They guarantee that everyone will be contented by how comfy Whoopee is and how much value one can relish with their products. 

Whoopee Baby Diapers' Collections

There are two collections of Whoopee baby diapers which are Whoopee Tape and Whoopee Happee Pants. Other than providing all day and night comfort, these are the mutual features of those two: 

  • Both are very convenient to use where for Whoopee Tape, it has a soft and easy to adjust adhesive tape. While as for the other, you would experience an effortless ‘journey’ in diaper changing. 

  • The material used for the outer layer is soft and permeable which allows airflow to protect your baby’s back. 

  • High absorbency layers which dispose of the urine fast to keep the baby’s skin dry all the time. 

  • Protecting your baby’s abdomen through the elastic rubber on the waist.

  • It secures from any leakage with side leakage control (Whoopee Tape) and Powerful Leak Guards (Whoopee Happee Pants).

Five Things To Consider Before Buying Diapers For Your Baby

Calling out new mummies, expecting mummies, mummies to be or even experienced mummies out there! Let’s expand our motherhood knowledge on the right ways to choose baby diapers for your children. 

  1. Check Out The Diapers' Features. 

This is the most vital thing ever! Make sure to check the absorbency level, stretchability, breathability of the diapers before buying one. Not to forget, the material used also should be checked for. It is because if the diapers are not as soft as it is supposed to be, it will cause irritation to the skin of your baby. 

  1. Know Your Baby's Size and Weight.

Please be aware that diapers have variations of size and every diaper size works differently on different sizes of baby. If you happen to buy a smaller size of diapers for your baby, it will cause irritations and pressure to your baby’s abdomen. And if you buy a bigger size, it will lead to leakages since the diapers are not able to guard well. Find the size that fits your little dove perfectly. 

  1. Be Aware of Your Baby’s Pooping Habits. 

Frequent pooping and peeing habits will sometimes lead to dampness and diaper rash if the diapers are not durable and absorbable enough. Monitor your baby’s habit from time to time. You would need high moisture absorption and permeable diapers if your child pooped regularly. 

  1. Estimate Your Budget. 

Calculating and computing your budget and giving the best diaper for your little one is not an easy decision to make. However, with Whoopee, worry no more because you are able to do so! Whoopee is an excellent and ideal choice for your baby and your finances. 

  1. Check The Sensitivity of Your Baby’s Skin.

Having sensitive skin is normal and very common among babies especially in the first three years of their lives. That is why checking the absorbency of a diaper is necessary because it may trigger rashes and redness to your baby’s skin. 

Why choose Whoopee Malaysia?

Stop your hesitation! Take a look at these ultimate features of Whoopee Diapers!

  • Highly recommended and received positive and outstanding feedback from parents. 

  • Malaysian mothers’ all-time favourite. 

  • A premium diaper with a quick-dry layer.

  • Fully breathable cloth feel back sheet. 

  • Airy back sheets which prevent baby’s backs from dampness. 

  • Magnificent and top-notch absorption.

  • Wearable all day long. 

  • Flexible waistband which keeps your baby comfortable all the time. 

  • Ultra comfort sheet that protects baby’s delicate skin. 

  • Prevent leakages with a strong leak guard mechanism. 

What are you waiting for? Hurry up and add Whoopee Diapers to your cart now! 

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