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The Tropical Co. Snack Pack comes in two flavours, which is Vanilla and Mushroom lactation smoothie. This smoothie Snack pack consists of 10 individual sachets which you can eat even when you feel like eating something sweet or savoury. You can eat it, drink it and enjoy it! The snack is lightweight and it is very convenient for you. There are many ways for you to eat the powder. Straight from the sachet, mix with your drinks or even your food.


Tropical Co. Snack Pack ini datang dengan dua perisa, iaitu Vanilla dan Mushroom lactose smoothie. Snek ini datang dengan 10 individu satchets yang anda boleh makan walaupun anda rasa makan manis atau masin. Anda boleh makan, minum dan menikmatinya. Snek ini sangat lightweighted dan sangat senang dibawa ke mana mana. Ada banyak cara untuk anda menikmatinya, iaitu makan secara bersendirian, campur dalam minuman anda atau makanan anda.

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