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Sweet Cherry has been supplying a wide range of products such as accessories, baby furniture, baby gears, and bathing and feeding equipment for your little one. 

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SWEET CHERRY | Hey, Kids Can Dream Too!

Established in 1990 by Mr Raymond Chan, Sweet Cherry Enterprise (M) Sdn Bhd has been operated for three decades by supplying products in the line of baby’s need. Sweet Cherry is now a well-known brand that is widely accepted in this industry. 

After facing multiple obstacles and innovations while climbing up, Sweet Cherry is proliferating while holding on to their principle; to provide the highest possible quality to their consumers.

With the tagline of ‘Hey, Kids Can Dream Too!’, it inspires them to bring parents and kids’ dreams into reality. They promise to provide comfort, safety, and satisfaction for both parties. 

In every step they take, customers’ satisfaction remains as their main priority. That is why they are very passionate and dedicated to developing safe and innovative products with high quality and reasonable price. 

Recently in 2019, Sweet Cherry has expanded its conquest to Cambodia, and their sales have doubled up since then. 

They are not only producing baby gears like strollers, car seats, baby carriers and walkers. In fact, right now, they are also manufacturing numerous categories of infants’ products including: 

  • Infants’ bedding equipment

  • Baby cot

  • Playpen

  • Bouncer

  • Bathing and feeding 

  • Baby Gears

Popular Sweet Cherry Products 

Baby gears are the most purchased and popular products from Sweet Cherry. This category consists of strollers, walkers, and of course, car seats. 

What makes Sweet Cherry’s products unique and special are; they have various designs and assorted choices for you to choose from. As for car seats and strollers, there are up to seven subcategories which are specifically designed with hi-tech innovations. 

- Sweet Cherry's Car Seats   

Sweet Cherry’s car seats are convenient and user-friendly. With just several practical steps, and your kids are good to go. Most of their car seats are designed with 5-points, 1-pull safety harness, adjustable harness, and an extra padded seat. 

Have you been wondering how to install the car seats? Worry no more! Sweet Cherry has made your life easier and at your fingertips! You may check their YouTube channel for tutorial videos on installing the seats correctly. 

- Sweet Cherry's Strollers

Meanwhile, as for Sweet Cherry’s strollers, they are compact and easy to bring along. Different designs of strollers are equipped with different installations. However, what makes their strollers best is they are sturdy but lightweight and easy to carry at the same time. As we can see, most strollers in the markets are either lightweight and frail, or sturdy and heavy.

Why choose Sweet Cherry Malaysia?

These are some vital points of Sweet Cherry Malaysia:

  1. Sweet Cherry’s products comply with ECE R44/04. 

By getting certified with ECE R44/04, Sweet Cherry is the most trusted product in the line of baby’s needs. This certificate proves that their products are demonstrated safe and met all the requirements under regulation 44, version 04 of the European Economic Commission (ECE). 

Listed below are the specifications that ECE demanded which have been fulfilled by Sweet Cherry:

  • A frontal collision at 50km/hr

  • A rear-end collision at 30km/hr

  • Various tests of the harness buckle

  • An analysis of the seat’s design

  • A study of the seat straps or harness

  1. The quality of their products is proven. 

After some advancements, innovations, research and developments, not only that Sweet Cherry is widely accepted locally; however, this establishment has been incorporated with the local medical centres too. This collaboration is aimed to promote the usage of infant carrier car seats among consumers. 

They noticed that most of us are not fully aware of the importance of using car seats for their children. Hence, through this venture, they hope that it will spread awareness to every one of us. 

Besides that, this company has also incorporated with local automobile companies like Volkswagen and Naza. 

These collaborations are the validations that their products are top-notch, and their qualities are verified. 

Hurry up! Grab your Sweet Cherry from our website now! 

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