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With only the natural ingredients, Smecta is the best and fastest cure for all your guts' problems. 

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Smecta | Helps Cure Your Gut's Issue 

Owned by EP Plus Group Sdn Bhd, Smecta is a local brand which is headquartered in Plaza Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. The company came up with a formula where they use an edible natural clay or is known as diosmectite (dioctahedral smectite) in composing this product.

It is because some research found that clay can help to alleviate viruses that are related to digestive systems like diarrhoea. 

In order to fight gastrointestinal problems overall, this product is developed with triple functions. There are treating diarrhoea, clearing toxins in your bowel, and restoring mucoprotection of your guts and intestines. 

Smecta Anti Diarrheal

On, we have Smecta Sachet Anti Diarrheal. This is used as an oral consumption which comes in two flavours. You may choose vanilla or orange or even both. 

It is super easy to be used. You may mix it with 20ml of water or milk, or in your baby’s food like mashed vegetables, broth as well. Mix them up and yeah - ready to serve!

As for the mechanism of the triple action, Smecta helps you to:

  • Cure diarrhoea

The natural clay (diosmectite) lines up on the wall of your intestines and protects them from bacteria, viruses or parasites. It does prevent your bowel from losing more fluid as well. 

  • Cleanse your intestines from toxins

This item also inactivates bacteria, viruses and parasites that cause diarrhoea by binding them to ease your digestive system. 

  • Rebuild mucoprotection

When someone is attacked by diarrhoea, his intestine walls or linings tend to lose its moisture, mucoprotection and get damaged too. However, by consuming Smecta, it can restore your mucoprotection and repair the linings fast. 

Why You Should Choose Smecta?

Are you still in doubt? It is tested clinically that Smecta is able to ease both acute and even chronic diarrhoea. Listed below are several factors of choosing Smecta to help you tackle the problems of your bowel movements. 

  • This product is verified as a fast recovery medicine for diarrhoea

A study has shown that in 285 Malaysians kids that age around 7-24 months who had used Smecta to treat their diarrhoea, the speed of recovery increased. 

  • Comes in a convenient pack, it is easy for us to carry them in our back everywhere we go especially when travelling with your family.

We will never know when and where the diarrhoea might attack us, and with the handy size of the packaging, Smecta eases ourselves to always keep it by our sides. 

  • It is kind of like killing two birds with one stone; Smecta is formulated with a triple action mechanism. 

Come across with diarrhoea? Take Smecta! Because with Smecta, you will be alright. 

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