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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

This SALUA KOREA Minion Dust Mite Patch is suitable for all age groups. It is mite proof protective patch and it is made in Korea. The product is safe because it is made from natural ingredients without any pesticides to prevent the breeding of dust mites and also to capture insects mites. Because it is made from natural herbs, it is safe for children. You may place it under the bed, carpet/mats, sofa, mattress, baby cot, and etc since it is light-weight and east to place. The active ingredient is extracted from natural plants rather than chemical pest control and is very safe for the human body to allow the whole family to use it safely (also safe for infants). Shop for these baby products and more at now to enjoy online promotion and deal!


SALUA KOREA Minion Dust Mite Patch ini sesuai untuk semua peringkat umur. Produk ini ialah produk kawalan hama yang dikilangkan di Korea. Produk ini selamat digunakan kerana ia diperbuat daripada bahan-bahan semulajadi tanpa sebarang bahan anti serangga yang membahayakan untuk menghalang dari pembiakan debu hama serta untuk mengurangkan hama serangga. Kerana dia diperbuat dari bahan-bahan natural, ianya tidak membahayakan kanak-kanak. Anda boleh meletakkannya di bawah tilam, bawah karpet, sofa, dan lain-lain tempat yang diperlukan. Beli barangan baby online di sekarang untuk mendapat promosi yang terbaik sekarang!