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Standing in the line for almost 35 years, Pureen has developed a full range of baby care products that are designed to give ease and comfort for both parents and their kids.

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Pureen Malaysia | Safety, Innovation, Quality

After more than four decades of standing in the market, creating the finest products for you and your baby, Pureen has now developed to several other countries. They have expanded their branches to Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. 

While keeping up with their mission to only provide the best for the mothers and their babies, Pureen always prioritises these three elements, which are safety, innovation, and quality. 

For them, they would not be able to give the best for their consumers if those three are not being sorted out correctly. To be one of the best establishments in this industry, Pureen believes that they must guarantee their consumers’ safety while using their products. Furthermore, they also maintain their quality by always being innovative in every creation of theirs. 

The range has widened from baby and mother needs to several other areas like family toiletries, oral care, nasal care, and as well as incontinence products. 

  • Baby Series 

As we all know, Baby Series is the primary range of Pureen Malaysia. They have been supplying all kinds of needs for the baby from head to toe. 

The ingredients used are specifically made to protect babies from any types of health problems and infections. For example, as for their baby diaper, it contains an anti-bacterial agent and able to control odour well. 

Baby Wipes 

Other than that, as for Pureen baby wipes and wet tissue, it is safe and suited for baby’s sensitive skin as it contains moisturising ingredients, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E. It is also free from alcohol, paraben and fragrance too! 

As it is known, some skins cannot tolerate those chemicals since it can trigger rashes and some other skin problems. As Pureen is always thinking about you and your baby, that is why they avoid those ingredients in their products. 

Baby Toiletries

Moreover, most of the baby toiletries like baby bath and baby lotion, contain Vitamin E; which we all aware that Vitamin E is a booster for skin’s health. It can reduce damage to the skin and fight radicals that can impact the skin condition. 

Apart from those items, Pureen got other varieties of baby powder, nappy rash cream, bottle wash or bottle cleanser, and maternity pad as well. 

Pureen Rekito Mosquito Repellant

On Motherhood, we would like to introduce a product of Pureen that is useful and a must-have item, Pureen Rekito Mosquito Repellant. 

Not only it can repel mosquito away; however, it also helps to ‘shoo-shoo’ away insects like bees, lice, wasps and flies. Containing Ethyl Butylacetylaminopropionate, this repellant is the effective one. 

Researches have proven that this ingredient is a helpful chemical against those insects. It can be used on skin and clothing as well! 

Why choose Pureen Malaysia?

 Let’s see the key features of Pureen Malaysia!

  • Consumers’ safety is their main prime concern as they only choose high-quality ingredients. 

  • Alcohol, Paraben and Fragrance-free.

  • Conduct the safest formulations in producing their products.

  • The expert who knows what is best for their consumers since they are always thinking about you and your baby.

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