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    A brand new cafe designed for the whole family! Playcafe with a playground catered for kids aged 5 and below Allows kids to play and explore while parents can sit down for a cup of coffee A play area with various fun activities and structures for your child to explore and play Has a designated baby room for breastfeeding moms

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Still don’t have any idea where to bring your children to play this weekend? Lets go to Playground the cafe. It is a playcafe designed for parents to kick back and relax. With a play area complete with a wooden play set and tools to help improve your child's motor skills, this cafe has something for everyone. They also provide scooters, baby walkers and various other toys. This cafe allows your kids to play as well as explore the playground while parents can sit down and rest with a good cup of coffee. The play area also comes with various fun activities and structures to be played by your children. The cafe also designated a baby room for breastfeeding mom. Parents can also get 24% off when purchase weekday admission ticket and it is suitable for kids from 12 month-old to 5 year-old. Shop for these baby products and more at now to enjoy online promotion and deal!


Masih tiada idea kemana untuk bawa anak-anak anda bermain hujung minggu ini? Jom ke Playground the Cafe. Cafe ini direka khas untuk ibubapa yang ingin berehat di hujung minggu sambil membiarkan anak-anak anda bermain dengan selamat. Taman permainan ini didatangani lengkap dengan permainan yang lengkap untuk mengasah motor skills anak anda. Cafe ini memberi kebebasan kepada ibubapa untuk berehat menikmati secawan kopi sambil melihat anak-anak anda bermain. Cafe ini jugak menyediakan bilik untuk ibu-ibu menyusukan bayi mereka jadi anda tidak perlu risau lagi dimana mahu mencari tempat tersorok untuk menyusukan bayi anda. Jadi apa tunggu lagi, jom beli tiket sekarang dan dapatkan 24% diskaun, hanya di

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