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Perfect for your baby’s delicate skin, Pet Pet diapers are made in a soft material that will keep your babies delicate skin always in comfort. Introduce Pet Pet, your bundle of joy to your little one! 

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Pet Pet Malaysia | Your Bundle Of Joy!

Pet Pet is one of the disposable diapers brands from DSG International where it is headquartered in Bangkok, Thailand. Their presence is well established in our continent and fully operated in several countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. 

They aim to continually sustain their growth by delivering the best and quality products and services to their consumers. For them, consumers’ satisfaction is the primary objective in growing and carrying on their portfolio. This goal is led by their vision where they want to be the leading disposable diaper manufacturer and distributor in South East Asia. 

Pet Pet is not the only diapers that are produced by DSG International. There are several other brands as well and the brands are marketed according to the demands of the consumers. 

As for Pet Pet, their pride is to provide high-quality diapers to ease mothers and their babies in their daily life. The diapers are manufactured to protect the toddlers from any leaks up to 10 hours! Moreover, they also received a Halal certification. 

Pet Pet Tape | All-Round Leak Protection 

After several innovations and improvisations, Pet Pet Tape has now upgraded its technology where it can keep the baby away from any leakages and preserve the baby’s skin moisture up to 10 hours. 

Here are six elements of the way this diaper protects your baby from leakages: 

  • 100% BluDry Zone

This new mechanism helps urine to absorb and distribute well throughout the diaper’s surface and this BluDry Zone technology is the one that protects from any leakages and keeps the baby’s skin dry for up to 10 hours. 

  • Extra-Long Design

The longer design of the front and the back parts support the protection of BluDry Zone; to make sure that the leakage is prevented at all cost. 

  • Extra-Wide Waistband

Pet Pet Tape consists of a wider waistband to keep your small ones from sagging. This band will comfort him throughout the day and night. 

  • 15% of Higher Leak Guards

With the latest technology of leak protections, this diaper increases its side guards to keep from any side leakages.  

  • 100% Breathable

The material used for the diapers are 100% breathable and will keep your baby’s skin always dry and cool. 

  • Laydown Leak Protection

Not only it can prevent side leakages, but it also disallows any leakages while your baby is lying down. 

  • Pet Pet Pants

  Exclusively for active toddlers, Pet Pet Pants is definitely for your growing kids! This one is also aided with BluDry Zone technology and 100% breathable. Listed down are another three cores of this type of diaper!

  • 2X Stretch - Comfy Fit

The waistbands are improvised with two times stretch in order to prevent sagging on your baby’s waist and the most vital thing is to keep him in a comfortable condition. 

  • Body Fit Design

It is designated to fit your baby perfectly and ease your baby to move freely. Say no to bulky designs. 

  • Easy Wear, Easy Off

It is easy to put on your baby, whether while they are lying down or standing up. Plus, to take it off, you just need to tear away both sides of the diapers. Easy-peasy, lemon squeezy! 

Why choose Pet Pet Malaysia?

Are you still hesitating or comparing other diapers to Pet Pet? Let me convince you once again!

  • The most purchased diapers by insightful parents. 

  • It is designed to pamper your baby’s delicate skin. 

  • No leakages in 10 hours usage with maximum absorption tech! 

  • Gentle to your baby; prevent sagging and hugs your baby’s abdomen and legs excellently.

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