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    The Magformers 14 pc set includes 48 magnets encapsulated within 14 magformer pieces. There are 8 triangles and 6 squares magformer pieces in this starter kit by Magformers. The compact Magformers 14 piece set also includes step-by-step idea booklet as your instruction for your new starting guide.

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    Wow House Set (28 pieces) Become a master architect with the all new 28-piece WOW House Set!  Design and construct your dream house or use the idea booklet to choose from over 15 different WOW houses to build. Bring your houses to life using 6 different play sheets, each with a different setting. You can also select from 6 different puzzle sheets to...

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    Aspiring creators are sure to love building arctic animals with white, blue and yellow squares and triangles. Follow the step-by-step idea booklet to click and create 10 cold weather builds including polar bears, whales, seals, snowmen and igloos.  2 Geometric Shapes Step-by-step idea booklet Compatible with all MAGFORMERS shapes and accessories Neodymium...

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    Decorate your log cabins by clipping in balconies and walls. Add windows, ladders, lay turf and build fences and plant trees. Each geometric shape contains magnets that never reject, so you’ll always hear Magformers click. When playtime is over, use the magnetic power to simply stack and store. Number of pieces: 48

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