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Contains multivitamins and minerals, Iberet Folic 500 is a medication to build blocks of your body and maintain your health. 

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Iberet Folic 500 Malaysia 

About Iberet 

Manufactured by Abbot and distributed by Zuellig Pharma; Iberet is a product in combatting anaemia (iron deficiency) and as well as treating or preventing vitamin deficiency usually due to several factors. The factors would be an unbalanced diet, certain diseases or even during pregnancy. 

With their unique innovation; Gradumet technology, this remedy enhances iron absorption and reduce guts irritation and discomfort. It is suggested to take this medicine on daily basis, one tablet per day or as prescribed by your pharmacist. 

Not only for pregnant women but also can be consumed by adults who are suffering from iron deficiency as well. It is best taken one hour on an empty tummy or two hours after your meals. This is to ensure it works sufficiently and effectively.

Some pregnant mothers can easily be diagnosed with anaemia. Here are a few things about the anaemia that you should know:


You will need extra nutrients if you are diagnosed with anaemia, especially if you are pregnant or having heavy menstruation.

You will be likely to feel lethargic and look pale due to the fact that you are losing the number of counts of red blood cells.

It is a common condition among women and based on research; it is proven that about 38% of pregnant women are anaemic. 

However, your healthcare provider will suggest and prescribe you with suitable supplements to help you fight this issue.

Folic acid and iron are the most and the only type of nutrients that you need to restore and replenish your red blood cells’ level.

As for pregnant mum, the required daily intake of iron and folic acid will get increased as you are entering the second trimester and onwards.

Symptoms of Anaemia 

Several signs will show if you are suffering from anaemia. There are:

  • Pale skin and fatigue

  • Dizziness, shortness of breath and headaches

  • Colds hands and feet

  • Brittle nails

5 facts about anaemia that we should know:

  • The most common type of this disease is iron deficiency anaemia. 

If one lacks iron, anaemia will develop since there is less iron to produce haemoglobin. 

  • Never take anaemia easily

Even though you are just having a mild one, you must treat it well since there were cases where mild anaemia leads to aplastic anaemia or known as blood cancer. 

  • The term of anaemia came from Greek dictionary.

Anaemia means lack of blood in Greek

  • Fatigue is associated with lack of oxygen. 

As we all know, blood carries oxygen; if the blood level is low, then the oxygen supply is not effective as usual. This phenomenon is called hypoxia.

  • Vegetarians are more likely to have anaemia

It is because people normally will get the source of iron from eating meat. As for those who are vegetarians, make sure you are eating other sources of iron like leafy greens and legumes to prevent you from getting anaemia. 

Why choose Iberet Folic 500?

Are you wondering what makes Iberet Folic 500 better or more impressive than the others medications out there?

Here are the highlighted features of this product:

  • Contains a 105 elemental Iron, which is Ferrous Sulphate that helps to restore iron level in your body. 

  • Helps to maximise iron absorption of your body with the presence of Vitamin C. 

  • Suitable for pregnant women since it contains Folic Acid, which minimises the chances to get anaemia, increases the production of red blood cells and reduces the risk of neural tube defects.

  • Assists in utilising energy by the breakdown of carbohydrate, protein and fat as it includes Vitamin B Complex in it. 

  • It is packed in a convenient individual blister type of packaging.

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