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    This luxury baby spa package consists of 3 phases, starting with the Baby Gym session to warm up with some light exercises before proceeding for the Baby Swim. Hippopo Spa uses the Hydrotherapy method, which is a form of physiotherapy that uses warm water to assist body movements, strengthen muscles, relax, and helps to reduce pain. After the swim, a...

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Bring your baby to a relaxing and fun spa session at Hippopo Baby Spa. This famous baby spa provides offers the essential baby massage, swimming sessions in the tiny jakuzi-like tub, and gentle exercise that is relaxing for the babies.

Cater exclusively for babies, Hippopo Baby Spa will leave you and your baby giggles and grinning from ear to ear the entire time! Worry not as the ‘nurses’ are qualified professionals and well-trained for early childhood education. Bring your baby to this wonderful baby spa at Hippopo Baby Spa and get more baby products at!


Bawa bayi anda ke sesi spa yang santai dan menyeronokkan di Hippopo Baby Spa. Spa bayi yang terkenal ini menawarkan urutan untuk bayi, sesi berenang di dalam tab mandi yang direka khas seperti jakuzi kecil, dan senaman lembut yang santai untuk bayi.

Ditubuhkan secara eksklusif untuk bayi, Hippopo Baby Spa pasti akan membuatkan anda dan bayi anda tersenyum dari telinga ke telinga sepanjang masa! Jangan risau kerana 'jururawat' mereka adalah profesional yang berkelayakan dan terlatih dalam bidang pendidikan awal kanak-kanak. Bawa bayi anda ke spa bayi yang indah ini di Hippopo Baby Spa dan dapatkan lebih banyak produk bayi di!