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Having quality sleep is super important for every one of us, especially infants. This is because babies are growing and developing through sleeping. 

GETHA Baby 100% Natural Latex Mattress provides the ultimate comfort and support for your baby. Get a high-quality mattress for your little baby from Getha today!

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Getha Malaysia | An Innovative Eco-Friendly Luxury Bedding Provider

Incorporated as Weifong Industries Sdn Bhd, they later rebranded their name into Getha (‘getah’ in the Malay language that means latex) in 1969. Getha is now the top-rank company in latex manufacturing industries in Malaysia. 

With more than five decades of experience in this industry, Getha adapts the Dunlop process in producing their products while only using 100% pure latex from our country. Their aim is to keep producing world-class quality and mattress and bedding items for their consumers. 

Their products have been tested with several standard tests for their ‘eco-friendly’ quality level. They passed the tests and received recognition from some institutes from Germany and from our country’s as well. Right now, their product’s distribution has widened to numerous countries and continents including Asian, Europe and United Arab. 

They pledge to supply luxury, comfortable and innovative products to their customers globally along with their core objective, “To Be An Innovative Eco-Friendly Luxury Bedding Provider”. 

Not only delivering mattresses but also other bedding items such as headboard and divan, bedframe, pillow and bolsters, topper, and bedding for babies too! 

Getha Baby Latex Mattress Malaysia | Retain Shape For Years

On, we have one of Getha products which is Getha Baby Latex Mattress. 

As we all know, newborns need quality sleep in order to grow up and develop well. This GETHA Baby assures to equip your baby with optimum support and comfort. 

While sleeping, the baby's brain is processing a kind of protein which is called human growth hormones (HGH).  In order to have that, we have to make sure that their bed is comfortable and cosy.

This mattress is able to prevent undesired dents since it is designed with baby’s ultimate sleep in mind technology and it will not flatten easily. 

Due to its durable and long-lasting quality, it can still be used even after your baby is no longer an infant!

Comes in two sizes of baby mattress, this item can be custom made as well; interesting, right? 

The Importance of a Quality Sleep Among Infants

If you have been wondering why newborns are required to have quality sleep, here are the reasons why:

  • To ensure their cognitive development is developed well.

  • Their brains are busy working while they are resting, where this will help to improve the connections between all parts of muscles and bodies to function well. 

  • To make sure they are well-growing physically.

  • Lack of sleep will cause hormone deficiency and affect a child's weight. 

  • Hormones help to boost up body development. 

Suggested duration of a baby prefered to sleep per day are as below:

  • 0-3 months old: 5 to 18 hours 

  • 3-12 months old: 9 to 14 hours 

  • 1-3 years old: 12 to 14 hours 

Why choose Getha Malaysia? 

When Getha Malaysia promises to deliver world-class quality products with 100% pure latex, these are what they meant: 

  • Clean and Safe

Undergo a pre-washed process to prevent bacteria and fungal growth. 

  • Environmentally Friendly

Biodegradable, breathable and resistant to fungus and mildew. 

  • Support and Comfort

Help to correct postural alignments with high resilience and elasticity. 

  • No Sleep Disturbance

Guarantee a deep and quality sleep for you. 

  • Pure and Simple

Verified with European ECO standard test and contains no chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). 

  • High Degree of Heat Dispersion

Does not trap heat and is able to disperse heat to a high degree. 

  • Excellent Ventilation

Ventilated in a honey-comb like design that promotes outstanding airflow. 

  • Superior Quality and Craftsmanship

Made by highly skilled and passionate workers and are being monitored stringently. 

  • Durable and Long Lasting

Super flexible and provides a long term comfort to their consumers. 

Why Is Mattress So Important? 

To simplify, your child will spend most of his time in his crib and a good mattress makes bedtime better for him. Well, it is an extra point of benefit for you as well! A good mattress helps to support your child's body as he grows up. 

They need a firm mattress instead of soft sleeping surfaces since this will increase the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Soft beddings can pose suffocation hazards. Although SIDS rarely happen in Malaysia, however, it is better to keep a safe bedding environment for your baby.

What Makes Latex Mattress Better?

1. It is extremely comfortable

A latex mattress gives you the ultimate comfort due to its natural springiness of latex. When you lie down on it, you will experience a soft sinking feeling and followed by a buoyant supportive sensation. Incredibly comfortable, isn't it?

2. It promotes pain relief

With the ability to cushion and to provide comfort, a latex mattress is such a perfect choice for those who suffer back pain or joint pain. It is recommended by many health professionals such as chiropractors and physical therapists to relieve pain.

3. It acts as a natural spine alignment

It is proven that latex mattresses can help in aligning your spine naturally. It is able to support the natural curvature of our spine and indirectly improves blood circulations with its great pressure distribution. 

4. It naturally resists mould and dust mites.

Latex is a natural mould and dust mites resistant itself. This element alone is already a key benefit in warm humid climates such as that of Malaysia. Thus, you do not have to worry about sleeping with mould and dust mites anymore!

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