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Losing hair after every birth is normal for every mother out there. Curb your postpartum hair loss problem with this hair product range from Facile. Bearing the ever practical natural products such as ginger for its main ingredient that will normalises your blood circulation to promote hair follicle tissue, preventing hair loss. So mothers, worry no more as Facile is here to the rescue.


Keguguran rambut selepas bersalin adalah satu perkara yang normal bagi semua para ibu. Atasi masalah postpartum anda dengan produk rambut daripada Facile. Mengandungi produk semulajadi seperti halia sebagai bahan utama, ia mampu menstabilkan aliran darah anda sekali gus membaik pulih folikel rambut anda. Atasi rambut gugur anda dengan Facile.

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