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    UTIX plays a role in Urinary Tract Infection frequent urging to urinate frequent night urination burning and pain during urination cloudy or blood in urine Bacterial Vaginosis white discharge itching & pain fishy odour Yeast Infection soresness rash on the vagina burning, redness & swelling pain when urinating pain during sexual intercourse...

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

You do know how important it is to take care of your little miss v right? Take extra care to avoid any infection to your vagina with this dietary supplement by Eco Pharma. Eco Pharma provides you the necessary extra care you need for your miss v while keeping it healthy, and provide any unwanted smells, or infection. Pregnant mothers, highly stress women and women with diabetes are encourage to take this supplement as a part of your healthy diet. Eco Pharma ensures the product is made from natural and safe ingredients as it avoid and helps aid in any urinary tract infection in women. Give more attention to your miss v today with Eco Pharma only at


Anda tahukan bagaimana pentingnya penjagaan bahagian peribadi wanita? Jaga bahagian intim anda dengan makanan tambahan daripada Eco Pharma. Makanan tambahan khas untuk penjagaan peribadi wanita keluaran Eco Pharma dapat meningkatkan tahap kesihatan miss v anda, mengelakkan daripada terkena jangkitan kuman dan mengurangkan bau yang tidak menyenangkan. Ibu mengandung, anda yang sentiasa tertekan dan juga wanita yang ada diabetes sangat digalakkan untuk mengambil makanan tambahan daripada Eco Pharma ini. Produk keluaran Eco Pharma menggunakan bahan-bahan semulajadi dan selamat untuk membantu mengekalkan tahap kesihatan miss v anda. Berikan lebih perhatian kepada miss v anda harini ini dengan produk daripada Eco Pharma hanya di