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    Seriously soothing teether for gums—with the added bonus of our patented “pop” technology for busy hands Responsive bubbles encourage fine motor skill development and hand-eye coordination Hollow bubbles are easy for baby to grab & hold on to Dishwasher safe Refrigerating or freezing is optional (it’s effective at room temperature, too) 100% silicone....

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

Besides a baby bottle, a pacifier is among the essential baby items to prepare before the arrival of your baby. If you are thinking which baby pacifiers are the best, why don’t you try one from Doddle & Co? Comes in a variety of colors, Doddle & Co products are 100% silicone, BPA-free, no lead, no PVC and latex free! To ensure the quality of their products, Doddle & Co’s are made safe to be used in the dishwasher and suitable for babies age 0-6months old, and even the older ones. Get these pacifiers and teethers from Doddle & Co and other baby product at your number one online baby stores, today!


Selain botol susu bayi, pacifier untuk bayi juga merupakan antara barang keperluan bayi yang penting. Jika anda masih mencari pacifier yang terbaik untuk bayi anda, apa kata anda cuba produk dari Doddle & Co? Didatangi dalam pelbagai warna, produk Doddle & Co adalah 100% silikon, BPA-free, tiada PVC dan latex free! Untuk mengekalkan kualiti produk mereka, produk Doddle & Co dibuat sesuai untuk dibasuh di dalam mesin basuh pinggan, dan sesuai untuk bayi berumur 0-6 tahun dan ke atas. Dapatkan pacifier dan teether daripada Doddle & Co di hari ini!

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