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    The stacker is equipped with a double-stage lift mast whose lift and tilt function can be operated with one hand The hydraulic pitch cylinders mounted in the roof are used for setting the tilt of the lifting mast The model has easy-to-operate steering that enables the children to manoeuvre a load in the tightest space just like the original

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    The mirrors of the SCANIA trucks can be folded in and the doors can be opened. The drum of the cement mixer can be turned by a pull-out crank handle in the water tank. The drum can be drained by changing direction of rotation. The screw inside the drum delivers the filling backwards to the discharge chute. There are also two attachable run-out plates.

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Focusing on the functionality of toys, BRUDER products are developed as “model-size” toys in order to child’s development a boost. Bearing fun-filled manufacturing toys, BRUDER keeps it mechanical, giving your kids the chance to actually manoeuvre the toys around instead of just sitting and playing. Update your child’s IQ with games like BRUDER.


Memberi fokus pada alat mainan yang praktikal dan yang boleh membantu dalam memberangsangkan minda anak anda, produk daripada BRUDER dibuat dengan saiz barangan sebenar. Khusus dalam membentuk mainan berbentuk alatan perkilangan dan berunsur mekanikal. Sekali gus, ia memberi anak-anak anda peluang untuk menjadi lebih kreatif.