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  • Lakshmi

    I beli barang baby diapers untuk baby saya. Delivery cepat...

  • Foong

    Bought some stuff from a promotion that they were having....

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

Keep your baby close and comfortable with baby products by Bobita. With a variety of baby products like baby carrier, baby backpack, baby carrier backpack, toddler carrier, newborn baby carrier and many more, you are sure to get the best one to suit you and your baby. That way, you can give your arms a break, while still being able to be close to your little one. Shop for these baby products and more at now to enjoy online promotion and deal!


Pastikan bayi anda kekal selesa sambil berada dekat bersama anda dengan produk bayi daripada Bobita. Dengan pelbagai jenis beg bayi dan barang baby lain yang direka khas untuk memastikan anda dan bayi anda akan kekal selesa apabila ia sedang digunakan. Dengan ini, anda masih boleh mendukung bayi anda, sambil memberi tangan anda masa untuk berehat. Beli barangan baby online di sekarang untuk mendapat promosi yang terbaik sekarang!