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Armor 8 is a revolutionary long-lasting sterilising antibacterial nanospray. It uses light to eliminates bacteria, fungi, mould & allergens that cause illness & odours. Best of all, our Armor 8 products are safe for children and pets, contains no bleaching agents or aggressive solvents. So when children play on the floor, there no harmful chemicals to absorb into the skin. Babies are safe when they pick up objects and inevitably place them in their mouths. And no matter what antics your pets are up to, they can't be harmed when they chew on a favorite chair leg. Shop for these baby products and more at now to enjoy online promotion and deal!


Armor 8 ialah satu revolusi semburan yang bersifat anti-bakteria. Antara salah satu kelebihan Armor 8 Anti-Bacteria Nano Spray ialah ia selamat digunakan untuk kanak-kanak dan haiwan peliharaan, kerana ia tidak mempunya sebarang bahan yang berbahaya. Jadi, bila anak-anak anda bermain atas lantai yang telah disembur dengan semburan Armor 8 Anti-Bacteria Nano Spray, anak-anak anda akan lebih selamat. Bayi anda pula akan lebih selamat. Beli barang baby seperti ini online dari sekarang dan dapatkan promosi yang hebat!

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