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Anello, a well-known brand that does not need introductions anymore. It has been producing various collections of bags to meet the demands and satisfaction of their consumers. 

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Anello Malaysia | Latest and Trendy Designs

Anello is originated in Japan and started its production in 2005. The word Anello was adapted from Italian dictionary which means ‘ring’ or ‘loop’. Its simple and well-balanced designs are the key points that rose up this brand globally. 

This bag is a must-purchased-item from Japan, especially in Shibuya and Harajuku. Recently, Anello has expanded its ‘conquest to several other nations like Thailand, Philippines, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. 

Anyway, in this current pandemic where you cannot travel overseas, you are still able to get your Anello on our website! 

Top 3 Anello's Bags 

According to a Japan website, here are the top three recommended Anello bags!

  1. Kuchigane Rucksack

This design is the most popular among all Anello's backpack because of the commodious space in it. It does not look big from the outside, but it definitely can load numerous things. 

  1. Synthetic Leather Kuchigane Rucksack

Kuchigane Rucksack comes in several sizes and Synthetic Leather Kuchigane Rucksack is the smallest among those. This one is favoured by those who love to look cute and trendy. It can be used as a casual handbag as well.

  1. Big Logo Print Day Bag

This brand new backpack was just released in 2018 and already gotten great response and demands from consumers. Specially designed for sporty and athletic consumers, this bag has several compartments with extra pouches too. 

However, on, we have two categories of Anello bags which are Anello Limited Edition Backpack and Anello Digital Camo Classic. Both of these series have various colours for you to choose! As for the limited edition, there are black, navy, olive, and red while for the second one, we have khaki, grey, and beige. 

Malaysia is the first country to launch the Anello Limited Edition Backpack and there are only 200 pieces for each colour. The bag is coated with water repellent fabric and the size is spacious and even gotten a laptop compartment too!

Materials and Features of Anello Japan Malaysia

The most used materials in manufacturing their products are nylon, polyester, and leather. They strictly pick highly durable materials in order to produce high-quality bags for their consumers.

It has many zippers and the straps can be adjusted according to your preferences.

Why choose Anello Malaysia? 

Let’s see the benefits that you will get if you are one of the Anello’s consumers!

  1. Refund warranty.

You will be able to get your money back within 7 days if you are not satisfied with their products. 

  1. A well-designed bag.

To mothers who have been wondering how to look cool while carrying the diaper bag, say no more! With Anello backpack, you will definitely look super good even you are carrying a big bag on your shoulders. 

Not only for mothers, but the designs are also suitable for students, navy, army, and others.

  1. Lightweights and huge space

It is easy to carry around and able to load countless stuff at the same time! 

  1. Adjustable features

You can simple readjust the straps according to your styles and the lengths from your shoulder.