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Autumnz Steam Steriliser Descaler (Cleaner)


"Help to keep your steam steriliser FREE from limescale"

(Food & Pharmaceutical Grade Citric Acid)

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  • Descale every 2-4 weeks to ensure your steam steriliser and bottle warmer scale free and efficient 
  • Remove all bottles, teats, and steriliser/warmer accessories from the unit
  • Mix 6g sachet (approximately 1 1/4 teaspoon) with 90ml/3oz of water and pour into the empty unit
  • For Steriliser : Switch on for 2-3 minutes. Do not put the lid (cover) on
  • For Bottle Warmer : Heat on highest setting for 10 minutes
  • Switch off the main power and leave the unit to stand for at least 30 minutes
  • Pour the mixture away from the unit and rinse thoroughly
  • Run on a normal sterilising cycle, with lid on (without bottles, teats, steriliser/warmer accessories) to ensure empty unit is clean and sterilised


  • Keep out of reach from children
  • Avoid contact with eyes as the acid may cause irritation to the eyes


12g x 4 sachets

Keep you steam steriliser clean with Autumnz Steam Steriliser Descaler (Cleaner). A steam steriliser is essential in keeping your little one safe, but will become less effective with time due to the build-up of limescale from the water. Keep your steriliser clean with this product made out of food & pharmaceutical grade citric acid and keep your baby safe. Buy this product and many more from the online store, to get the best promotion and deal in Malaysia.


Pastikan sterilizer wap untuk barangan bayi anda selalu bersih dengan Autumnz Steam Steriliser Descaler (Cleaner). Sterilizer wap merupakan sesuatu yang memastikan kesihatan bayi anda, tetapi akan menjadi kurang berkesan kerana pengumpulan limescale daripada air. Pastikan sterilizer wap anda selalu bersih dengan produk ini yang diperbuat oleh acid sitrik yang gred makanan dan farmaseutikal untuk memastikan kesihatan bayi anda. Beli produk ini dan pelbagai jenis produk lain daripada kedai online untuk dapat promosi dan jualan yang terbaik di Malaysia. 


7 Reviews

Autumnz Steam Steriliser Descaler (Cleaner)

Autumnz Steam Steriliser Descaler (Cleaner) is effective, time-saving, convenient to use.


Easy to use

Fast delivery and good packing. It is easy to use, with clear instructions given on the box.


Good Product

I'm very satisfy the product and fast delivery.


Yet to try

Item well packaged; in individual packs.


Serves its purpose

Reasonably priced, useful, no complaints



Baik utk menjamin keselamatan bayi. Tak senang guna tapi baca manual guna beberapa kali dah pro skrng. Kalau nak bayi selamat ni boleh beli. Harga pun ok.


Good product

Received this 1 week ago, the delivery was fast. This product is worth the money. I bought it to make sure i keep my baby safe. There are quite many steps to follow and not to dos but as long as it keeps my baby safe.

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Autumnz Steam Steriliser Descaler (Cleaner)

Autumnz Steam Steriliser Descaler (Cleaner)

"Help to keep your steam steriliser FREE from limescale"

(Food & Pharmaceutical Grade Citric Acid)

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