Nestle Cerelac Infant Cereals Rice (225g)


Nestle Cerelac Infant Cereals Rice (225g)

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EXP DATE : 24.01.2020

When your child turns 6 months old, it’s time to introduce solid food for the very first time.

Start with single grains that are easily digestible. CERELAC® Infant Cereal Rice variant is one of the best start to a world of complementary food feeding.

Available in 225g box and 500g tin.


IRON – Support your child’s overall development

BIFIDUS BL – Probiotic cultures (Bifidobacterium lactis) CNCM 1-3446 to help improve the beneficial bacteria in the gut, so your child’s digestive system stays healthy.

The CHE Advantage – A Nestle® process that breaks down the cereal into smaller units, thus making them easier to digest.

Packed with 13 vitamins & minerals – High in vitamin A, D, E B12 and C

Recommended daily iron intake for a baby 6-11 months based on Recommended Nutrient Intakes (RNI) Malaysia 2017 is 9mg. Each serving of CERELAC® for babies 6-11 months contains 5mg of iron.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Not to be given to infants below six (6) months of age unless advised by health professional. For optimal infant health, breastfeeding should continue up to two (2) years of age along with complementary food. Nutritious complementary food such as rice, fish, meat, chicken, lentils, vegetables, and fruits can be introduced to infants at 6 months of age. CERELAC® infant cereal can be part of the infant's varied diet.


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Nestle Cerelac Infant Cereals Rice (225g)

Nestle Cerelac Infant Cereals Rice (225g)

Nestle Cerelac Infant Cereals Rice (225g)

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